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  x164 routing service can be used in different business scenarios. 

Calling Card Operator

x164 serves as a backend switch for connecting to wholesale operator with SIP, H323. x164 lowers termination costs and guarantees reliable routes to emerging market destinations with fast changing route qualities.

Wholesale Operator

x164 is used as standalone switch. x164 allows to set client tariffs at different price levels (grey, standard, premium). x164 switch matches outgoing routes automatically to incoming routes, maximizing profits and ACD with a quality level corresponding to the client price level.

Local Telco

x164 is used as the central backbone on standalone or at multiple locations. Installed on local servers x164 switches provide ISDN, SS7 connections.

ENUM Lookups

The x164 softswitch is ENUM capable. Calls can be routed according to ENUM lookups.


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