Service Overview

More opportunities - less manual work - get more done.  


  Main functions

Hosted rates, routes and statistics. Get rates from 3000 partner carriers with iXLink automatically - or use standardized rate tables from wholesale carriers like Voicetrading - or upload manually your data. x164 provides a secure platform to hold your data and provide it in realtime to your switches.

Online routing by highest profit. Based on available carrier rates the perfect route for each call is chosen to ensure the highest possible profit for the operator. Chose profit-based, least-cost or quality-based routing strategies.

Call data records database. Call details are recorded and are available in the CDR database. After recording the calls are rated and the rated call data is available for billing and statistics.

Time savings. x164 and iXlink save the precious time of the carrier manager. Automated carrier rates imports, automated re-routing according to price or quality are huge time-savers, giving managers the freedom to do their essential work, manage and supervise.

  Additional functions

iXLink. Single, global business-to-business information exchange service that offers a secure and collaborative environment in which to conduct business. Currently more that 3000 carriers exchange data on iXLink.

Rate generator. Client rate generation is happening fully automatic from carrier offers. It is not necessary to manually create static destination tables. Rates can be filtered based on quality and other parameters.

Hosted softswitch. You can use your own switches or we provide you a softswitch hosted in Frankfurt, Germany. 

  Carrier grade

The idea behind x164 was to create a very cost-effective service which is extremely reliable. Every software component used in x164 has been running for years in a carrier environment, they are carrier-grade and simply work. We always prioritize reliability over extensive features. Third-party services which can be added are also guaranteed to be carrier-grade.

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