Hosted softswitch

Switch across all protocols in the datacenter.


  Optional softswitch is available.

We host the x164 switch for you, cost-effective and reliably. A reliable private softswitch with dedicated IP address hosted in Frankfurt, Germany. Configure the service as you wish.

SIP, H323
G711, GSM, G729 (observe license), T.38 fax
Rtp proxying and transcoding available
Yate-based softswitch, widely deployed at carriers, extremely stable
Read-to-run, zero configuration, full root access
OpenVZ virtual machine, "bare-metal" performance with kernel-based virtualization
Frankfurt Internexion datacenter
24/7 monitoring
Nightly backups


The x164 softswitch is ready configured to connect to the x164 database to retrieve realtime routing information and statistics. The configuration can be adapted for specific requirements, for example to control external CISCO gateways with MGCP.

Alternatively you can install the x164 switch on own hardware, for example with Sangoma interface cards. In such case one can also use SS7 or ISDN. Many switches can be run in parallel to scale routing, transcoding and proxying capacity to thousands of simultaneous calls. Check the x164 documentation and the yate documentation to discover your possibilities.
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