Our partners and teams we regard highly

Telarix - iXLink

We are resellers of Telarix iXLink services. The iXLink service connects thousands of carriers world-wide and has freed carrier managers from doing tedious and time-consuming work.


Null Team - Yate

The x164 softswitch is based on yate. Yate has been used in production by many carriers for years. The main attraction is that it is extremely stable and supports many protocols.


Parallels - OpenVZ

Our services are hosted in OpenVZ virtual machines. OpenVZ offers near "bare-metal" performance. The kernel-based virtualisation has a minimal overhead and ensures that VoIP services receive enough CPU time.


AG Projects - CDRTool

The x164 web-interface started as a fork of CDRTool. CDRTool has been in production for years and is used by several carriers to rate CDRs generated by their SIP  switches.  


Linbit - DRBD

We recommend to use DRBD software to replicate virtual machines in realtime.    



We would be happy to see you as our partner. The precondition for being a x164 partner is that your tools are carrier-grade and have been in production for years. Stability of services is our top-most concern. Join us.

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