Rate Generator

Client rate tables without errors - automatically. 

  x164 service offers an Online Rate Generator. 

When rate offers have to be created for clients it may take lots of resources to combine all available carrier rates into one data set. Dialing codes and rates from different sources have to be cross-checked and transformed into one comprehensive offer.

Mistakes cost your business profits or create losses.

On x164 the rate table generation for clients is happening automatic from carrier offers. It is not necessary to manually create static destination tables. Rates can be filtered based on quality and other parameters. Without mistakes, all combined together in unified format - simple and fast.

Cannot wait ? Try the rate generator in the x164 demo site. Read on to learn more.


The traditional way

The traditional method is to create first a destination table with dialing codes. The problem is that no carrier has complete knowledge about the global dialing plan. Therefore any destination table is always incorrect.

In the next step one needs to look up call rates for the given dialing codes. These call rates are taken from carrier offers where a profit margin is added.

The problem with this approach is two-fold: Dialing codes may be missing that leads to the possibility that one offers a destination for a too low tariff. In such case the customers may exploit this and create losses for us. The other problem is that wrong or missing dialing codes may lead to too high rates for certain destinations, in such case we are losing business.


The x164 way

The x164 rate generator does not require a predefined destination code table. Offers are generated from carrier rates directly. The rate generator offers the possibility to filter the carrier rates according to quality parameters. The remaining rates from all carriers are then combined into one table.

The dialing codes table generation algorithm follows strictly the longest-matching dialing code rule. That ensures that a dialing code/rate combination offered to a client will be profitable given the currently available carrier offers. Therefore clients cannot "cherry-pick" and create losses for us.

Furthermore the routing logic of the softswitch can be configured in such a way that all calls are always profitable, unprofitable calls are then blocked.

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