Hosted Rates and Routes

x164. Route for profit. 


Routing and switching decisions are the core of x164. The service provides online rates and routes information in realtime. This information can be used in the x164 hosted softswitch or in the clients softswitch hosted on their hardware.

The system is built to find the best routing strategy in realtime via SIP, H323 or SS7. In contrast to other switching systems x164 does not use static rules. The best routing strategy is calculated during the call connection process. The routing rules can guarantee that no unprofitable calls are made and that profits are maximized on each call. The system can predict call profits according to past statistics and switch accordingly.

x164 is member-driven community. Optionally, you may use shared data - rate tables and statistics - with other members. x164 supplies rate and route data from certain wholesale carriers, like Voicetrading. This data can be used by all users. The statistics of their routes are shared between all users. This increases the accuracy of statistics and improves the fast detection of bad routes. That way it is possible to "cherry-pick" high quality and cheap routes. At the same time you keep the control over your private data.

x164 gives the members as much control as possible. The routing data can be used in several ways. The easiest option is to use the hosted softswitch. Alternatively you can use the routing data from a softswitch installed on your hardware. The VoIP softswitch is downloadable and contains open source code. You can extend it in any way.


  The routing process

Rates - More than 3000 carriers are available on the iXLink data exchange and the total count is increasing. If your partner carrier is on iXLink then his rate updates can be automatically imported into the x164 platform and are automatically used for your realtime routing decisions.

Your predefined business rules on IXLink ensure that only correct rate updates are imported. Wrong rate updates are notified to you and your partner carrier for further checking.

Switching and Route lookup - When your softswitch is connected to x164, each call results in a lookup in the rates database for the best route, based on your quality and profit settings. x164 finds the best solution for each separate call.

x164 uses dynamic routing. Routing decisions are made in realtime, when the call is done. Routing decisions can be based on the customer call rate, the available outgoing routes/rates, call statistics and are done according to the maximum expected profit, least-cost or quality criteria.

Each call produces different data and statistics (duration, destination number, etc.). All the data is stored in a database and can be used in different billing processes and systems. 


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