x164 Online Rate Generator launched

February 13, 2013

x164 has launched an online rate generator service which allows to generate blended rate offers automatically from carrier rates. E.g. to generate client offers.

The service is free after registering with x164.The rate generator is simple to use: Users upload the termination rates from their call termination providers, the x164 rate-crunching algorithms do their work and x164 sends the blended rates table by email to the user. The x164 algorithms work without predefined dialing code tables. Offers are generated strictly according to the termination rates and dialing codes available.

Generating offers without predefined dialing code tables is better: All blended dialing codes are guaranteed to reflect the dialing codes from available termination offers. That means that the blended table cannot be cherry-picked by clients due to wrongly priced or outdated dialing codes - instead the x164 user is cherry-picking his termination providers. x164 is preloaded with Voicetrading rates so users can create quickly a blend of Voicetrading grey, standard and premium rates.

The user can filter the rates according to quality parameters ASR and ACD, can simplify the data and thereby create his custom blend of Voicetrading rates. The new x164 feature improves and eases the carrier relation manager work sparing the time to other important tasks.

The x164 platform is run by Rigatta IT and provides realtime routing, iXLink services and hosted softswitch services. The Online Rate Generator is free for registered x164 users. Get more information on the website and try the online demo.

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