The Neutral Business Exchange for Telecom. 


tools  An open, secure, global business information exchange designed by carriers for carriers.

Created in conjunction with a number of the world’s largest telecom providers, iXLink provides a secure, reliable business-to-business information exchange platform that enables all communication service providers regardless of size or level of automation to quickly and efficiently access and share business documents among their trading partners.

It all starts by making each partner relationship, or Link, configurable so they can seamlessly communicate with your existing interconnect management system.

Carriers on iXLink. There are more than 3000 carriers worldwide on iXLink, including Deutsche Telekom, Verizon Business, TeliaSonera International Carrier, Telus, ATT and Telecom Italia.

All your documents can be sent electronically, and processed automatically. The system also reduces the costly delays and errors that are commonly found in receiving, handling and processing price lists, invoices and declarations.

Business rules are easy to use. iXLink also allows you to apply business rules that are specific to each partner and/or service to validate transactions, meet internal business objectives and capture errors so that the sender can be notified immediately.

Multiple format adaptors. And it even gives you a new type of competitive advantage: By supporting multiple format adaptors, your trading partners will be able to use their own pricing and invoicing document formats. iXLink will automatically translate their format into the unique format you require for your business.

Less paper shuffling. Faster transmission speed. Increased validation. Fewer errors. Competitive advantages. And, of course, big cost savings. All made possible for you by iXLink.

Now available also for smaller carriers. We are a reseller of iXLink services. iXlink is now available through us as a cost-effective solution, also for smaller carriers. We are offering single and smaller packages of carrier links at low subscription costs.

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