Outsourced Telecom Services

Interconnect - Exchange carrier data - Pick profitable route in realtime - Cut manual work 




Hosted Carrier Services Platform

Core services

Rates Database
Routes Configuration
Plugable x164 Services
Plugable Third-party Services

Carrier-grade software components which have been for years in production


more than 3000 carriers online to exchange rate updates


Class 4, SIP, H323, SS7, ISDN, MGCP self-hosted or hosted by us

Hosted Rates and Routes

profit-based, LCR, quality-based realtime routing

CDR Radius Rating

collects call details and rates them

Client Rates Generator

crunches intelligently your provider rates to create client tariffs


connects your equipment

 Hosted switching, routing, rating service - 3000 carrier rates online.  Connect to carriers with x164 and automate the rate updates with iXLink. The iXLink data exchange imports rates from over 3000 carriers automatically into the x164 platform. The x164 routing logic finds the most profitable route for each call on the fly.

tools  Carrier-class software. x164 softswitch, radius, rating and routing software have been built from highly reliable components which have been for years in production at telecom carriers. The service is hosted securely in Frankfurt / Germany. Pluggable third-party services are also carrier-grade. 

tick  Easy to set up and use. x164 is available online and is easy and simple to use. Sign up and you are ready to start in a couple of hours. We are iXLink resellers and provide a one-stop solution to automate the carrier interconnect. 

  Low service costs for small and medium-sized telecom operators. x164 service is prepaid and provides a simple and beneficial pricing scheme. We provide a special pricing of iXLink for operators with only few interconnects.   

  Support. A team of experienced professionals will help you with x164 and iXLink setup and provide support on any issues regarding the service.

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